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The Three Pillars of Leadership: Passion, Vision & Mission


  • To serve as a leader, live an impartial life, and apply ethical principles to deliver a significant difference.

  • To help my people find hope after loss of years

  • To create a society that works on the principle of equality

  • To use my hardworking ability, creativity, dedication, commitment and serial optimism to cultivate the self-worth and net-worth of my people

  • To stay informed and active in my constituency and seek answers to the unsolved problems


  • Her vision is inspired by her time living in the village when she saw a woman putting off the electricity bulb by blowing air from her mouth. Effective leaders define a vision and build followers' commitment to it.

  • Providing an outstanding education to students from across my Panchayat that imparts the knowledge, wisdom and skills needed by them to thrive as global citizens; committed to leadership in the advancement, dissemination and application of knowledge within and across disciplines.

  • Committed to achieving maximum positive social, environmental and economic benefit for my people through the Panchayat’s achievements in education, information technology, agriculture, health, sanitation, electricity, road, sports, animal husbandry and fisheries, industries, research, discovery and collaboration.

  • Developing future generations of leaders in research, the learned professions, the public sector, business and innovation

  • Establishment of Rural Development Consultancy Centre for developing strong relationship with my people through advance technology. Any person can directly approach to the office and communicate their problems for their immediate possible attention and remedies.

  • Monitoring of each and every developmental works and my peoples’ need in the whole constituency house by house through a unique mobile application so as to be close to my people 24 * 7.