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Ritu Jaiswal, a trailblazer, humanitarian and visionary leader known as a highly innovative, energetic, and hard working person. She is a woman who believes in change and is an inspiration for the young generation. She has always been someone who refused to adhere to the conservative norms of the society. As a believer of a progressive type of government, she cherishes a significant dream of a crime-free, caste-free and corruption-free state.

Early Life and Education:

Mrs. Ritu Jaiswal comes from a business family. She has two siblings, a younger brother Ranjan Jaiswal and an elder brother Raju Jaiswal. Born and brought up in her hometown Vaishali (the place that gave the world its first democracy), she possessed a rebellious and leadership streak as a young girl, and was known to be incredible. She made an all-girls' social team, activities girls in her social strata rarely participated in and urged students to help the less fortunate through public service. Her generous and helping attitude resulted in distributing her mother’s saree among the under privileged women. She has completed her schooling from St. Paul’s School, Vaishali and further pursued her graduation in the field of Economics from Vaishali Mahila College, Bihar.

Personal Life:

Ritu got married to Mr. Arun Kumar, (a 1995 batch civil services officer) Director, Central Vigilance Commission in the year 1996. Besides his duty as a very methodical and accountable Government Officer, Arun, as an understanding husband has always stood by her side in fulfilling her vision to serve the society. The couple is blessed with a son named Aryan and a daughter Avani. Ritu is also a trained Bharat Natyam and Kathak Dancer.

Her Works as an Activist and Her Political Career

Mrs. Ritu Jaiswal, wife of a Delhi based bureaucrat, who was distressed after seeing the conditions of her paternal village of her in-laws, decided to bring transformation through her endeavors. Leaving the luxury of a comfortable metro life, the lady ventured into the mission to transform lives of thousands. It was the pathetic and pitiable condition of her village that aroused her inner feelings to quit the splendors and wallow into the challenge of improvising the situation there. It’s was quite easy for anyone to analyze how pathetic and miserable life, the villagers of her Panchayat were leading. Singwahini Panchayat is a place still devoid of a road. Beginning from the year 2014, when her husband was posted in New Delhi, she had been visiting her village often and has done whatever she could have done. Some of her efforts are quoted below:

  • Her consistent efforts, brought electricity to the village Narkatiya for the first time since independence

  • Narkatiya was reckoned with very low level of literacy. In the field of education, undeterred by the awaiting challenges, she started taking classes for the children of the village who were earlier deprived of support of qualified teachers. Under this initiative, she has established five education centers in the Panchayat where she is providing free and quality education to over 360 children. She has hired some like-minded qualified teachers for this noble work. The outcome of this initiative was that twelve girls from these centers qualified their matriculation examination in the year 2015(first time in the history of this village)

  • For females, she got established stitching training centers

  • Further, at regular intervals, she organizes awareness campaigns, cultural programs and sessions, arranges infotainment seminars among the villagers which help them compete with the outer world.

  • During her committed service in the village, Ritu frequently visited various NGOs with the issues concerning the village and a collaborated approach through advocacy and hard work finally yielded results when the ground realities in the village started changing drastically.

  • From the last two years, several NGOs have visited the village and trained the village women and girls in the field of skill development and self employment making them economically independent

Acknowledging her true service for them, the villagers bestowed upon her the responsibility of Mukhiya of the Singwahini Panchayat after the Panchayat Elections 2016. She vanquished her nearest rival by over 2200 votes and now Mrs. Ritu Jaiswal is the proud Mukhiya of her Panchayat. Though many faces have changed in the village Narkatiya, but still lot many has to be done to bring in an appreciable change in her Panchayat. Though the gleam upon her face is fading day by day but as an accountable torch bearer of Singwahini Panchayat, she is holding the torch high enough and the light is spreading in all directions now. She is leading her Panchayat towards the path of peace and prosperity with all the blessings and love from her people.